Stories to share

Today I met with a woman who is dying.  We all are dying of course, but this woman has been given a timeline, and though not immediate or imminent, it gives a sense of urgency to the days that lie ahead.

And with those days, the greatest thing she wants to do is write. Tell stories, of her mother who lived a dramatic and important tale, and herself and her struggles.  For stories are what make the world go round.

We sat and chatted for a while – ok, nearly three hours over a single cup of tea – and talked of many things.  Of histories, and perspectives and, at one point, about why stories are so important.

“To give a wider perspective to people who have not had such experiences,” we thought.  “To share the richness of others’ journeys.”

But then we became more philosophical and therein found a greater reason.

Our world is moving so fast these days, and we, all of us, move so fast with it, looking around us just so far as to manage our means to day to day survival.  We rarely look up, and even more scarcely look out.

And yet….

And yet, we are human, and at the very core of our essence is the need to connect, to share, and to…have stories.  We need them, we thirst for them, for we learn through them about things greater than ourselves.  They bring connection, and courage, and hope.

My friend was smiling as we had our lingering tea, and as we parted promising to meet again (perhaps in a different café as the one we were in may shoo us out next time!)  Her stories have brought her hope, and as it happens, they have brought hope and resolution to me as well.  I will tell stories too.

Each of us may have a lot of time, or a little.  How can we know?  On the way, though, we will be richer with the stories we share.

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