The world is full of broken people, bones jutting through skin, the skin raw with chafing and scrapes, pain etched in faces.  


And when those broken bits rub up against another, even just a little, the bone on bone scraping of pain impacting

One against another

Causes agony.

Screaming torment.

You are hurting where I hurt.

You are wrong, evil, selfish as you bring more pain to my pain!

Never once thinking that my lashing out in anguish is also bringing yours.

Yet in those depths of mindless agony, bone on bone, hurt on hurt, 

Perhaps even there we can find healing?

For who can understand my splintered shattering better than you, whose own bones are there, visible, sticking out from blistered flesh?

And who better than me to see your pain, the very pain my own body writhes against, and understand?

Oh give me eyes to see not just my pain but that of those around me, 

And if not to understand, for surely that is to far to ask of me today, caught in my own agony... but at least to see, and feel the empathy of bone through skin, 

and pause in my screaming for just a moment to hear yours.

And maybe, find a tune that can bring ease to us both.